Hosting Services

SME Package

The IT related demands of a small and medium enterprise (SME) are very different, both from a cost and complexity perspective.

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RIM Package

Calsoft's unique RIM package has always been a favorite with new entrants to infrastructure outsourcing. Designed to offer the best value for money

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Managed Hosting Solutions for Your Business & Technical Needs

Calsoft’s Managed Hosting Solutions include:

Managed Security

Choose from individual services or comprehensive compliance solutions to meet your business's security needs. Security starts with protecting the integrity of your data and guarding against service interruptions. But being truly secure means far more than safeguarding data and preventing interruptions. There are the resulting financial losses, your brand's equity and reputation, business continuity and potential litigation or fines to consider. And, when it's all said and done, paying a little more for expert security means customers will continue to have confidence in your business. That, in itself, is worth investing in Calsoft’s managed security solutions.

Managed Storage

Always have the right storage solution for your budget, capacity and performance needs, no matter how they evolve.

Dedicated Microsoft® SharePoint

Just use and customize SharePoint as you need to. Our experts will manage the complexities of the hardware and application infrastructure for you.

Reporting, Monitoring & Admin Services

Put powerful tools at your fingertips to help manage your environment and evaluate its performance.

Professional Services

Fully leverage our expertise by using these consultative services to help you get the absolute most out of your hosted environment.


Better manage your resources by fully utilizing your dedicated servers and get the added benefits of rapid deployment and only paying for VMs when they're on.

Managed Databases

Take advantage of our MySQL, SQL and Oracle expertise for licensing, installation, monitoring, optimization and more.

Managed Email—Dedicated Microsoft® Exchange

Get all the power, security and expertise you need with your own dedicated and customized Exchange servers.

Unmetered Managed Backup

Protect your data and business reputation by reducing the risk of losing data and having the advantage of restoring it quickly when you need to.